“Thanks so much for all your help, but my cousin sells Real Estate and we’re going to go with him…”

You are an ethical and capable Real Estate Agent who works hard to convert internet leads
You do all the right things: contact the leads right away, give them valuable info, add them to a drip campaign, even create a custom search for them.

Some of those leads reply back
Some of them engage in conversation with you. These leads become prospects. After a few days, or weeks, or months, you think that you have incubated them long enough and that you have earned their trust.

Finally, they are ready to make their move
You think you’ve made a sale, and…


They give you the “Cousin” story.

Ugh… there goes all that work
And you thought that you were doing everything right.

The problem is that it’s very hard to convey that you are different and better than any other agent out there. And potential clients see your valuable service as a commodity. To them, working with you or with someone else is all the same.

Everybody looks the same to the client except, of course, The Cousin
Because The Cousin automatically has their trust – just by being somehow related to them. And that makes The Cousin stand out.

So, is there a way to Defeat The Cousin?
Yes! The way to Defeat The Cousin is to earn the prospect’s trust up front.   By following a systematic approach to marketing your services, you can stand out and become an expert in your prospects’ eyes.

If you are in dire need to Defeat The Cousin in your own business,  jump over to learn about the first step that you must to take to stand out and become an expert:

Step 1: Why specializing can get you more clients

When you become an expert, The Cousin, won’t even be in the picture

And you’ll be able to convert clients much better than before.

I look forward to sharing your experience through this life-changing adventure,

Marina Brito

Marina Brito
Fairfax, VA, USA

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