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How to stop playing Cat and Mouse with internet leads

Tweet “Hello? Is this Marina? I’m calling because we’d like you to be our Realtor… “ This phone call marks the beginning of my dream come true… My dream is about changing the world of internet leads as we know … Continue reading

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Why we must stay in touch (or why friends don’t let friends make big mistakes)

Tweet Would we let a child burn her fingers on the stove because we left her unattended?  Of course not.  When we are caring for a child, we check in periodically to make sure that they are safe.  We also … Continue reading

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How to write interesting things on your real estate blog

Tweet Heidi Klum, the Supermodel and TV Producer, is famous for saying: “In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out”. Marketing is very much like fashion, and what’s “in” right now, according to the experts, is … Continue reading

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How to find out what your website visitors really want

Tweet Have you ever put together a wish list for items that you would like to receive for your birthday? Then the big day comes, and everybody comes to the party with all kinds of boxes filled with presents.   Sure, … Continue reading

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Why visitors to your website are hard to catch (and what to do about it)

Tweet Butterflies have a habit of flying from flower to flower to drink their delicious nectar. As a kid, I always wished they’d stay still on a flower for long enough so that I could actually catch one. In many … Continue reading

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